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Since its inception, NEXTORCH's sole focus has been to produce superior portable lighting products. Utilizing the most advanced lighting technology, they incorporate the brightest light sources available while reaching maximum efficiency for the power supply. For durability, longevity and lightweight, ergonomic carry, NEXTORCH flashlights are housed in rugged aluminum bodies produced of aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum with Mil-Spec Type III hard-anodized finish. Simply put, NEXTORCH offer “The Brilliant Solution” for portable lighting products which are powerful, efficient, reliable and compact. In 2006, NEXTORCH was contracted by China’s Ministry of Public Security to design and develop a higher standard Chinese government issue flashlight. Since then, NexTorch has equipped the police with over 1.2 million flashlights, currently serving police officers in public safety, security, combat crime and terrorism.

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This series of flashlights has a USB port accessible by unscrewing the head which allows software on your computer to set the number of modes (up to 50), light levels, and strobe effects to whatever you want. The lights do not have mode memory. Output is measured in ANSI lumens.

myTorch 18650 1x18650 light with Cree XP-G R5 for maximum output of 200 lumens (170m throw). Comes with a special battery that can be recharged via the USB cable, but also accepts 18650 batteries. Review: Selfbuilt

myTorch AA 1xAA light with XP-E R3 LED and maximum output of 70 lumens (80m throw). Review: Selfbuilt

myTorch 2AA 2xAA light with XP-E R3 LED and maximum output of 140 lumens (110m throw). Review: Selfbuilt

myTorch 3AAA 3xAAA light with XP-E R3 LED and maximum output of 150 lumens (170m throw). Review: Selfbuilt