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SureFire is a Southern California-based company that produces precision tactical flashlights commonly used in the law enforcement and military fields. SureFire flashlights are also popular in the civilian market for personal, occupational, and self-defense purposes. The lights are often seen in TV shows and movies, such as the television show CSI.

LED Lights

6PL - 2XCR123A. P60 host with hex head bezel copied by Solarforce for the L2.

6PDL - 2XCR123A. P60 host.

A2L Aviator - 2XCR123A. Two-stage design features 4 smaller LEDs (available in white, blue, red, or green) for 10 lumens of light plus main LED for throw. Designed for pilots with the green or red LEDs preserving night vision and the main beam for airplane inspection.

AZ2 Combatlight - 2XCR123A. Has 4 smaller LEDs to provide 25 lumens of flood, plus the main LED for 120 lumens of throw. Two-stage tail switch.

C2L Centurion - 2XCR123A. P60 host. 80 lumen light designed to be used with a handgun. Olive only.

E1B Backup - 1XCR123A. Compact light for law enforcement features 5 or 80 lumens of output via forward clicky.

E1L Outdoorsman - 1XCR123A Two-stage tail switch for 3 or 45 lumens.

E2DL Defender - 2XCR123A. Features 5 or 120 lumens of output via forward clicky.

E2L Outdoorsman - 2XCR123A. Two-stage tail switch for 3 or 60 lumens.

G2L - 2XCR123. 80-lumen P60 host with nitrolon (plastic) body available in black, olive, khaki, and yellow.

G2ZL Combatlight - 2XCR123A. P60 host. Nitrolon version of Z2L available in black, olive, or khaki.

G3L - 3XCR123. 80-lumen P60 host available in aluminum or nitorolon (plastic).

Kroma - 2XCR123A. Features smaller red and blue LEDs along with a primary white LED. Selector ring controls color and light level.

LX1 Lumamax - 1XCR123A. Twist/press switch for 10 or 80 lumens.

LX2 Lumamax - 2XCR123A. Twist/press switch for 15 or 120 lumens.

L4 Lumamax - 2XCR123A. 120 lumen 1-mode version of LX2.

M3L Combatlight - 3XCR123A. 60 or 350-lumen output. Longer light features larger head.

P2X Fury Defendder - 2XCR123A. 500 lumens of maximum output for 1.5 hours and 126 lumens of regular output. Detail here

T1A Titan - 1XCR123A. Aluminum version of limited edition T1 Titan. Rotating bezel varies output from 1 to 70 lumens.

U2 Ultra - 2XCR123A 6-mode light controlled by selector bezel provides 2-100 lumens.

UB3 Invictus - 3XCR123A 11-mode selector ring 350-lumen max (Off, SOS, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 350, Strobe). Includes battery level indicator light and clip. Tail switch controls on and off (fully depressed goes to max), but bezel Off locks it out.

V2L Vampire - 2XCR123A. 2 high-output LEDs: white and infrared with a TIR lens. Two stage tail cap for 10 or 70 lumen output. Self-locking selector ring for color.

Z2L Combatlight - 2XCR123A. P60 host. 80 lumens.