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Created on November 29, 2010, the Flashlight Wiki's goal is to provide easily accessible, up-to-date information about flashlights. There is so much to know and hopefully the Flashlight Wiki will help you out. And when you learn even more than what is in the Flashlight Wiki, sign up for an account and start writing to share what you know with others.

Even if you don't want to write articles for this Wiki, sign up anyway and post questions or new information in the discussion area for each article. If you come across a term you don't know, go the terminology page and put a comment on the discussion page asking for it to be added.

If you are just getting started with flashlights, there is a Getting Started section on the Main Page with Flashlight Basics, links to online communities, and some ideas for flashlights for newcomers under quick picks.

Flashlight Manufacturers has a list of flashlight manufacturers with many of their current and past flashlight offerings described. This is a great resource if you are shopping for a light (especially used lights) and want to know what is out there and, for example, what the difference is between a Fenix LD20 and a L2D.

The LED page can get you up to speed on high power flashlight LED's with pages for the major LED manufacturers, so you can find out what the difference is between a Cree XP-G and a Seoul Semiconductor P7. And you will learn that a Q5, R2, and R5 aren't types of LED's. The Brightness Bins page shows the lumen output of different LED's depending on the bin and current, along with close-up pictures of most LED's.

Links to items within the Wiki are green (brown if you've visited the page before). Links to other sites are the traditional blue (purple if you've visited before) and have a little icon indicating it is an offsite link, like this. Red links are links to pages that don't exist yet.

How to Help

If there is something wrong with the wiki, you can fix it by getting an account and making the corrections. If you are looking for flashlight information that isn't here, you can add it! If something is out of date, you can update it. See How To Help for some ideas and a list of improvements that can be made.

Thanks for visiting.