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Financially, the Flashlight Wiki is very inexpensive to host and operate. Therefore the best contribution is your own knowledge and work. Most of what is here is available elsewhere on the internet, so it is just a matter of putting information here that people might want to know regarding flashlights.

In general, the wiki is like a FAQ, so if you see a question being asked a lot, it might be good to add it. If you have something that you want to remember and don't want to have to go through a ton of posts at a forum to find again, add it. You can even add a link to the original thread. If you see something out of date, change it. If you have a suggestion, question, or think maybe a change to a page is warranted but don't want to make the change yourself, just leave a note on that page's Discussion tab.

To Do List

There are a lot of pages for flashlight manufacturers and these pages need constant updating to keep up with new flashlights, new versions of the same flashlight, and which flashlights are no longer being made.

I'd like to break the Chargers and Rechargeable pages up because they are pretty long. It might be good to divide them into NiMH and Lithium Ion pages.

Pages that need updating

SureFire is definitely out of date. The page is based on catalog from a couple of years ago.

ThruNite has some new models out that could be updated.

ZebraLight needs updating too.

Fenix, EagleTac, JETBeam, and Foursevens are always hard to keep up with. Though Foursevens was updated recently for the new branding and model names, I know there are a number of flashlights listed as "Current" that should really be "Past Lights" with the other three.

Popular manufacturers that don't have pages

Just click on a red link and start writing a new page! Add a link to the Flashlight Manufacturers page so people can find it. Try to follow the format of other pages for manufacturers.