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UltraFire is a line of budget lights and accessories that is owned by WhaFat Technological Co., Ltd. of Hong Kong with facilities in Shenzen, China. Some of the lights feature a HWA WYS logo above the name and share this with other brands such as UniqueFire. Trustfire is another brand with lights that seem very similar.


In addition to flashlights, UltraFire sells lithium ion batteries and battery chargers. The WF-139 charger, despite some concerns about how it charges, is widely used and sold by a number of dealers.


There are a large number of UltraFire lights available often with subtle differences, so only a few of the more frequently discussed lights will touched on. Almost all of the lights have reverse clickies unless noted otherwise.

P60 Hosts

UltraFire models (from top) MCU WF-1200L, WF-504B, WF-502B, and WF-501B
These lights accept a P60 drop-in. As such the type of LED, number of modes, type of reflector, and other qualities are based on the drop-in, not directly on the host. There are many permutations of these lights available. The "B" means the body is long enough to hold 2 CR123A cells (or 1 18650). The 501 and 502 were also available in a "C" length for 3 CR123A and "D" for 4 CR123A. Only the 501 was available as an "A" for 1 CR123A. Parts can often be exchanged between the different models and sometimes even with Solarforce lights.

WF-501B - This light is popular with bicyclists due to the lighter weight.

WF-502B - Similar to the 501B but slightly heavier. Sometimes comes with a clip.

WF-503B - A clone of the SureFire 6P or Solarforce L2 with an anti-roll 6-sided collar integrated into the head. The tail clicky protrudes from the back of the light so it does not tailstand. Seems to be the same as the UltraFire C1 except that model often includes a prominent stainless steel attack bezel.

WF-504B - Similar to the 503B but the tail extends around the clicky, allowing this model to tailstand. Seems to usually be available in glossy black or shiny aluminum finish, but duller, slightly greenish aluminum tint has also been reported. Seems to be identical to Uniquefire L2. In 2010, a new version of the 504B started showing up which lacked the anti-roll hex collar.

Other Lights

The UltraFire C8 throws better and has better heat management than the P60 hosts
WF-008 Recoil Thrower - 1x18650 Cree XR-E Q5 1-mode light. This light is unique in that the LED is mounted backwards just behind the lens, sending all of its light into the reflector and then out the front. Due to the reflector design, it throws a very tight beam with the shape of the LED.

C3 - The black anodized version can take 1xAA or, with an extension tube, 2xAA batteries. The 2xAA configuration works better with alkalines or NiMHs while the 1xAA works best with a lithium-ion battery. Similar to Aurora SH0030.

C3 Stainless - 1xAA/14500 with a number of different LEDs. Lately it has been showing up with the very underpowered Cree XR-C LED and 98mm long. The earlier 93mm long version had a XR-E Q5 which seems to have had better quality. Nearly identical to the Aurora SH-035.

C8 - 1x18650 light with a large head for better throw. The pill screws into the throat of the light for better heat management. Available with many different LEDs as well as a smooth or OP reflector. The C8 with XM-L from KaiDomain has especially good reviews.